About the Project

Recent developments in aerodynamics and lightweight structures enable design of more fuel efficient vehicles. However, these efforts can cause negative effects on vehicle’s driving performance since streamlined geometries and less weight are likely to increase their aerodynamic side force and yaw moment in crosswind.

Thus, the present project aims to investigate dynamic characteristics of the vehicles which are subjected to crosswind gusts by using coupled numerical simulations of aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics including driver model.

Throughout the investigations, the ground transportation system, GTS, which is simplified heavy vehicle model, has been used because they are more susceptible to roll-over accident due to their relatively high center of gravity and lateral surface area.

The project aims to provide a numerical tool that reliably predicts crosswind sensitivity of the vehicles in order to design less wind-sensitive vehicles at early stages of their design processes.

Results and activities as a result of this project studies will be disseminated on this project specific webpage.